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Factors to Consider Before Choosing Hardwood Flooring Jacksonville FL

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Even if you've already purchased hardwood flooring narrowing down all of the alternatives can be daunting. Finding out how you feel about some of the most frequent aspects that influence homeowners' floor-buying decisions is one way to go about it. Here are a few pointers to consider.

Consider the elements that influence the durability of your product.

If you're not careful, even the most complex hardwood floors can get scuffed and scratched. If you have a high-traffic home with children and pets, opt for more durable flooring styles. These are some things that can influence how resistant your flooring is to scratches, dents, and wetness.

  • Hardwood hardness rating - Each type of hardwood has a different hardwood hardness rating. The more complicated the wood is, the more dents and dings it can take. We offer three of the hardest woods: hickory, oak, and maple.
  • Protective finish - Every hardwood flooring installation comes with a protective finish, and we provide various levels of protection that affect how effectively the floors resist scratches and stains. Our Lifetime Finish, the highest level, offers more excellent protection and is guaranteed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Gloss level and floor texture - Matte-finish and textured hardwoods (such as distressed hand-scraped varieties) hide everyday wear better than smooth, high-gloss floors.
  • Water-resistance - While hardwood isn't recognized for its water resistance, some collections are more spill-resistant than others. Our 36-hour water-resistant Hydropel flooring is designed to look great in places where hardwood isn't generally an option.

All of these top considerations will have an impact on how well your hardwood interacts with pets. You can also take precautions to keep your floor in good condition. Keep your pets' nails trimmed, your floors free of fur and filth, and accidents and spills cleaned up as soon as possible.

Make a list of your style possibilities. You'll be able to install a floor that performs the way you want it to in almost any style, which is fortunate for you. Here are some design elements that influence the overall appearance and feel of hardwood flooring.

  • Color - The color of a hardwood floor is determined by the stains and finishes used, as well as the natural hues of the wood species. Some wood species have more natural color changes on individual planks and from plank to plank, which gives the wood a distinct personality.
  • Wood Species - The type of wood used in your hardwood flooring can significantly impact the overall look. The amount of natural character conveyed by different species varies as well. Some have more filled knots, filled splits, and large mineral streaks than a floor with a minor character, making them feel more informal.
  • Surface Treatment and Texture- A variety of textures, finishes, and surface treatments are available in many collections, allowing the floors to take on various looks. Weathered, rustic, and reclaimed wood themes might appear traditional or modern depending on how the rest of the room is done.
  • Width - The width of a board or plank is critical in achieving your design goals. Narrow strips, which are less than 3 inches wide and look more conventional, can make a small room appear larger. Wide-width planks are still a popular style choice due to their refinement and sense of spaciousness.

Decide if you'll do the hardwood installation yourself or employ a professional. While going the DIY approach can save you money, it's crucial to know what to expect, especially if you've never installed hardwood before. Installing a floor that looks and functions brilliantly takes a lot of effort, knowledge, and precision. You might decide that the added peace of mind provided by a professional installer from hardwood flooring Jacksonville Florida is worth the extra cost.

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Hardwood flooring is now available at various price points and design possibilities to suit any budget or lifestyle. Make sure to have a professional come to your home and analyze all of the work that has to be done in addition to the installation. The best way to proceed is to have an excellent expert team like hardwood flooring Jacksonville FL to walk you through the process; visit us today!

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