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If you want the next best thing for hardwood floors, you want a laminate floor. You can have the same look without sacrificing your budget.

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Jacksonville Laminate Flooring

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Laminate flooring is one of the popular flooring options if you can’t afford genuine hardwood floors or other top-of-the-line flooring options. Laminate floors can seemingly mimic the appearance of hardwood as it is indistinguishable to an untrained eye. Jacksonville Laminate Flooring can provide services such as installation, repairs, and replacements.

Laminate flooring installation

Laminate flooring is available in various designs of finishes to choose from. Laminate flooring has garnered quite a reputation, not because of its appearance but rather its durability, resistance, and ease of installation. The laminates layer is more demanding than organic wood, and they are scratch-resistant, making laminate flooring extremely durable. Because of technology, waterproof laminate flooring can now be installed in bathrooms and areas with fluctuating moisture. Because laminate flooring is synthetically made and has no wood elements, it’s more affordable than any other floor option and easier to install. Since the laminate floor does not have wood when scratched or damaged, it can’t be sanded or refinished; instead, the damaged flooring will be replaced. If you’re looking for fast and efficient installation, you can count on Jacksonville Laminate Flooring.

Fitting laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is easy to install; we still advise homeowners to let professionals handle the job. The fitting of the laminate floor involves insulation fitting and subfloor preparation, and they can cause problems if not done correctly.

The majority of laminate floor utilizes a click system so there will be no need for adhesives or nails. Concrete and floorboard subfloors are also applicable to laminate flooring. An underlay is needed so that the floating is protected from moisture and has more draft insulation.

Jacksonville Laminate Flooring is very much capable of laminate fitting. We treat flooring installation with care.

Why laminate floors are amazing

Your floor is one of the essential parts of a home. Other than aesthetics, it should be functional as well. You need a floor that can withstand daily traffic. The laminate floor has been making a name for itself, and here are the reasons:

It has an excellent appeal

Due to the ability of the laminate floor to mimic natural wood, you don’t need to sacrifice a substantial amount of money. This makes the laminate floor stand out, and nobody would go to the trouble of inspecting a laminate floor.


One of the reasons homeowners are drawn to the laminate floors is the difference in cost. It is very much evident that hardwood floors are way more expensive than laminate floors. With laminate there is a 50% in price difference. You can have the appearance of genuine hardwood without burning a hole in your pocket.

Easy to clean

Moisture is the number one enemy of natural wood, and water can seep through the wood, causing it to warp and break. Natural wood can be easily scratched by pets or any objects that might harm a wood floor. All of these problems can be handled by laminate floor; because of the layers of the laminate floor, it would be difficult for the water to penetrate the laminate floor. It can also withstand scratches and water spills, just sweep or mop the bottom, and you’re all set.

The bottom line

Laminate flooring is a better alternative to flooring options that are impossible for homeowners on a budget. Because of this reason alone, many homeowners are innovative and practical about it. A laminate floor is a durable floor type, and you won’t have to worry about heavy traffic scratches and spills. You can save a lot of money and use it for your other investments.

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If you want an alternative flooring material that is tough and durable, make sure to get laminate flooring. For more information on the installation and maintenance, call Jacksonville Laminate Flooring.

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