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Luxury vinyl plank is one of the most long-lasting flooring options. It can withstand knocks, dings, and scratches from everyday use. Before using it, you must properly install this type of flooring to keep it resistant to wear and tear.

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Vinyl Flooring Jacksonville

Vinyl Flooring Jacksonville

Is it necessary to use underlayment while installing luxury vinyl plank flooring? This is a question we are asked regularly! When installing vinyl flooring, it is crucial to know whether or not you'll require underlayment. Most vinyl floors, unlike laminate, are meant to be installed directly on top of the subfloor. You can use a vinyl flooring underlayment, it depends on the type of vinyl flooring and the sort of subfloor you have. Vinyl Flooring Jacksonville will explain if you need a subfloor to put in your luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Subfloor Requirements: Before installing a vinyl floor, make sure your subfloor meets the following requirements:

  • In good working order
  • Free of any impairment
  • Smooth
  • Dust-free and spotless

Subfloors of Concrete: For three reasons, you should utilize an underlayment if you are laying vinyl plank flooring over a concrete subfloor. First, it will add a cushion to the floor, making it more comfortable to walk on. Second, to limit the chance of moisture, you may wish to add an extra vapor barrier above the subfloor. Finally, underlayments can give thermal qualities, allowing the flooring to stay warmer during the winter months.

Wood Subfloors: You will not need a moisture barrier if you put vinyl flooring over wood subfloors, but you might want to use underlayment to increase cushion or sound reduction. It is also possible that having a sound barrier with your flooring is required by your apartment complex.

Existing Flooring: You can use an underlayment to enhance cushion and sound reduction when putting vinyl floors over an existing subfloor, such as tile or linoleum. In this situation, moisture will not be a concern for you. Vinyl Plank Floors Jacksonville advises that you need to fill in any grout lines and unevenness if you install over tile. You'll also want to make sure the flooring is in good shape before laying it down.

Vinyl Plank Flooring (WPC or SPC): Vinyl Flooring Jacksonville elaborates that vinyl flooring made of wood plastic composite (WPC) and stone plastic composite (SPC) is the most recent innovation in vinyl flooring. WPC and SPC vinyl has higher dimensional stability and is typically available in thicknesses of above 4mm. You can lay click lock WPC and SPC vinyl flooring directly on top of the subfloor or over a vinyl flooring underlayment. WPC and SPC vinyl floors with a higher price tag may include an underlayment. The base is usually cushioned, has a vapor barrier, and is sound-proofed as a result of this. You should not add any additional cushion to the planks if your vinyl already has an attached underlayment.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Installed with Glue: There is no need to underlay with glue-down luxury vinyl plank flooring. These planks will be installed by bonding them directly to the subfloor. It is critical to have a clean and level subfloor when installing glue down vinyl flooring!

Vinyl Plank Flooring in a Loose Layout: You will not need an underlayment if you put a loose lay vinyl plank floor. These can be installed immediately on top of the subfloor without the need for any additional materials.

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